Admission Open
Day & Residential C.B.S.E. (10+2) School
Class IX to XII (Exclusively for Girls), Co-Education Up to class VIII
Rudrapur(U.S.Nagar), Uttarakhand

'Empowering Tomorrows Women'                                                                                                                            'Excellence Through Grace'


Education and Competition are two universal ingredients of all human culture. 21st century is approaching towards competiting spirit & our school builds this competitive spirit in students.
  • the competitions have much to offer in education (no matter what your point of view is).
  • that competitions are a good measure of how well a discipline is accepted and integrated in the curriculum (a healthy, diverse set of competition events is a positive sign, whereas a lack of good competitions may in some cases be interpreted as a negative sign).
  • that competitions should be further developed(in all diversity;you can use the checklist to put together a competition of your own liking).
  • that organising a good competition is a major challenge.(in particular,the follow-up is important but very labor-intensive).
  • that competitive desires can be exploited to incorporate technology into the curriculum(however,competition should not be the only way to do so).
  • that competitions should enjoy broader acceptance in the (international) arena of education and
  • that competitions should receive more support and attention from the academic and industrial worlds and from governments.