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Day & Residential C.B.S.E. (10+2) School
Class IX to XII (Exclusively for Girls), Co-Education Up to class VIII
Rudrapur(U.S.Nagar), Uttarakhand

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Pedagogy for Seniors

Since learning is a continuous process, assessment also has to be continuous. CCE fundamentally shifts the focus from testing to learning by percieving assessment as an integral part of the overall frame work of teaching & learning. The deservable behaviour related to the learner's knowledge, understanding, application, evaluation, analysis & creativity in subjects & the ability to apply it in an unfamiliar situation are some of the objectives is scholastic domain. In order to improve the teaching, learning process, the school conducts both formative & summative assessments. The major
emphasis of our school is on the continuous growth of students, ensuring their emotional, intellectual, physical, cultural & social development to get the best result in board so that the students may attain the height in future.
Our teachers foster positive relationships within environment that are caring, non-discriminatory and cohesive. They also build good relationship working with parents and caregivers as key partners who have unique knowledge of their children and countless opportunities to advance their children’s learning. Our teachers develop children’s creativity, their ability to think critically about information and idea and their metacognitive ability. Teachers help students to make connection across learning areas as well as to home practices and the wider world. Our students learn most effectively because they have time and opportunity to engage with practice and transfer new learning they encounter new learning a number of times and in a variety of different tasks or contexts. Pedagogy adopted for language learners is
  • To enable them to listen to a wide range of oral texts summarize records and respond to them.
  • To inculcate the habit of listening for information and amusement.
  • To distinguish between facts and opinions.
  • To use the appropriate tone, postures, gestures and maintain eye contact while speaking.
  • To evaluate ideas and information.